nigerian navy past question

nigerian navy past question

Nigerian navy past question


Nigerian Navy ,  Questions and Answers about the Update of the Nigerian Navy, Download the Nigeria navy  questions and answers here.

Navy Past Questions is a collection of questions from previous exams. It is a useful tool that can help candidates achieve their goal.

FAQ about nigerian navy past question

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Good news:

What to expect in the nigerian navy exams

These past questions are not just a matter of past, but are complemented by the answers.

The demand of the past NN is divided into three basic components that are:

English language
General culture

Mathematics: most people will receive Achilles and so many people will end up failing in the aptitude test before exams. But not again:

Information about Navy Selection

English Language: This section consists of simple terms in our daily use such as: synonyms and opposites (meaning opposite and closest to the meaning) and fill gaps issues. Generally, there are 20 questions in this section.

General knowledge: This section is about several topics, such as chemistry. Physics, Biology, Economy and News of the Nigerian Navy, History of Nigeria. International Organizations such as OPEC, UN, OAU and ECOWAS. General knowledge is also made of information related to science and technology. These sections usually have 10 questions.

New Information about N power

NN questions are usually 50 questions in total. We have more than six years of questions with more than 600 questions.

Its application generally covers a large area that includes other topics such as chemistry, physics, biology, history of Nigeria. global organizations such as OPEC, UN, ECOWAS, OAU and information technology. In total, there are usually 10 questions, sometimes 20 questions.

In total there are 50 questions.

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How to Get the past question for nigerian navy

We have more than 15 questions to study for you. Yes, you can receive it by email, informing us. These questions will be delivered in an easily accessible PDF format and guess what? You can also print if you are not comfortable with the electronic copies.

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